Surrogacy Process

Surrogacy Process Overview

The surrogacy process takes an average of 14-18 months from the moment you apply to the time of delivery. At Magic Journeys, a dedicated team will accompany you every step of the way. Though each process is different, here are some common things you can expect.

Applying to be a Surrogate

First, you can see if you are eligible through a quick online survey, and then you will complete the full application. Click here to Start! Your application will be reviewed by an admission specialist right away, and a consultation session will be scheduled if you are eligible. Your dedicated admission specialist will guide you through all the paperwork and screenings.

Matching with Intended Parents

Once you qualify, our matching team will work diligently looking for the perfect intended parents match for you. Besides all the carefully designed questions, you can tell us your preferences and expectations if not already covered. Our surrogate is always our top priority. We will never release your information without your permission. Through our Magic Match Guarantee program, we will carefully pick the matching intended parent profile for you. If you are willing to proceed, then we will send your information to the intended parents. A virtual meeting will be held if everyone approves the match. Matching could take a few days up to several weeks. We will try our best to find the perfect match for you!

Psychological Screening

To ensure a positive loving surrogate mother, you will go through a psychological screening after the match. This will also help you mentally prepare for the commitment required in the upcoming surrogacy cycle. The report normally comes back within 1 week.

Medical Screening

You will complete a medical screening with the IVF doctor. If travel is involved, all the travel expenses for you and your partner will be covered. The medical screening includes a physical examination, uterine ultrasound, and blood work, etc. This could happen within two to three months after the application, and the medical screening results typically arrive within 15 days of the appointment.

Legal Process

Once your match is confirmed, and your medical clearance is received, we will help you with the legal process. A legal contract will be signed between you and the intended parents. The average legal process takes three weeks or longer.

Embryo Transfer Preparation

Once the contracts are signed by all parties, your case manager will work with you and the IVF doctor on the cycle calendar. Once the tentative embryo transfer date is set, all medications will be shipped to you with detailed instructions. You will be able to set up local monitoring appointments to save all the fuss of traveling at this stage. One day prior to your embryo transfer is the travel day for you plus a companion to the IVF clinic. All travel expenses are covered. To show our appreciation, you will rest at the hotel for 1-2 days after the embryo transfer before going back home.


The first pregnancy test is about 10-12 days after the embryo transfer. Around 10-12 weeks of pregnancy, you will be released to the care of your local obstetrician; please continue your IVF medications till then. From this point on, you will follow the regular pregnancy care routine recommended by your OB. You can contact your case manager anytime during the process for any questions you have, or just to get some emotional support. You will call your case manager and intended parents at each milestone, and a detailed delivery plan will be ready for you when you get close to the due date. Our online resource center could be reached 24/7. You are also more than welcome to join our secure social media group to share your feelings, concerns, and stories.

Preparing for Delivery

In your second trimester, the legal team will work on the “parental establishment” to name the intended parents as the legal parents of the expected baby in court.
During your third trimester, your case manager will arrange a detailed delivery plan including arrangements with the delivery hospital, travel plans, and umbilical cord blood storage, etc.

Delivery and Recovery

Here comes the big day! The baby(ies) will be discharged from the hospital to go home with the parents, and you will be discharged feeling fulfilled and proud. Well, we won’t just cut the line right there. We’ll still be here to support you in the postpartum period to ensure your recovery.