Egg Donation Process

Understanding the Egg Donation Process

Typically, the entire egg donation process takes about 4-6 months from application to egg retrieval. Noting that since every donation process is unique, the actual timeframe may vary. Though each journey is different, below are some common things to expect when enrolling in the Magic Journeys Egg Donation Program. 

Stage 1: Admissions

The Magic Journeys egg donor application can be completed and submitted online. Once the application is reviewed and accepted, an admission specialist will reach out to assist you through the admission process. They will schedule a consultation session, help you complete the paperwork, arrange fertility and genetic testing for you, and create your own donor profile in our online egg donor database.
This stage typically takes 1-2 months, as we need to wait for your menstrual cycle to conduct the fertility test and review the results.

Stage 2: Egg Donor Selection

At this stage, donors are waiting to be selected by the intended parents (IPs). IPs are looking for unique qualities in an egg donor and it may be a few days, weeks, or months until a match is made. Throughout the egg donation process, egg donors are guided by a donor specialist and receive regular updates about inquiries into their profiles. The enrollment criteria for our Egg Donation Program is highly selective and egg donors can be certain that they have a high chance of being selected. Every time a match is made, the donor should know that the IPs specifically requested her and look forward to the next step of the process.

Stage 3: Screening

At this stage, donors are waiting to be selected by the intended parents (IPs). Patience is the key word here. Every IP is looking for some very specific qualities in an egg donor and it may take a few days, weeks, or even months before a match is completed. Rest assured that your dedicated case manager will guide you throughout the process and keep you updated on a regular basis on inquiries into your profile.
Egg Donor Program is highly selective to ensure a higher chance of matching. If you have been selected, it means the IPs have specifically requested You, and Only You can help them bring their dream to life. Be Proud, Magic Journeys Egg Donor!

Stage 4: Legal

Once it’s time to seal the deal, the donor will have an attorney assigned to them who will go over the details of the legal agreement. This is necessary to make sure both parties understand their legal rights and obligations during and after the egg donation process. The screening and legal stages are typically completed in one to three months.

Stage 5: Egg Retrieval

Before egg retrieval can take place, you are required to have a few appointments with an IVF clinic to create a calendar for medications. You may need to take a round of birth control pills to help decrease the possibility of cysts development. It gives the doctor better control over the timing of the cycle. Medication requirements vary for each egg donor, depending on the health and other physical factors.
You will visit the IVF clinic to receive injectable medications for about two weeks until it’s time for the egg retrieval. The egg retrieval process lasts about 15-20 minutes and you will stay in town for a day or two after the procedure. There will be one more monitoring appointment at a local healthcare facility to make sure the donor’s body has returned to normal.

Stage 6: Final Paperwork

After the egg retrieval, your case manager will work with you to close the case by completing the records, and ask if you would like to go through the egg donation process again in the future. The Magic Journeys team strives to create a safe and enjoyable experience for all egg donors and hopes to see egg donors back to our program. You have every right to be proud as the 4–6-month time that you’ve invested has just helped an individual or couple realize their dream of a lifetime—becoming Magic Journeys parent.

On to Surrogacy

Once the egg donation process is finished, the intended parents will work with a gestational surrogate or the intended mother to attempt a pregnancy. If you’re interested in helping parents start or grow a family, reach out to us to learn more about our Egg Donation Program.

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