Become an Egg Donor

A Glance at Our Egg Donor Program

At Magic Journeys, LLC, we have performed thousands of successful egg donations and the reason being is because of our simple process. We have fine-tuned our process making it easy on both the intended parents and the egg donor. We have laid out the basics below on what it really means to be an egg donor and how to apply.

Do you have what it takes to be an egg donor?

Here at Magic Journeys, LLC, we have a diverse selection of women in our egg donation program. Egg Donor candidates we usually select are intelligent, hard-working, passionate and well-rounded women coming from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Please submit the donor application here to be consulted by our representative. 


Email or call us at (626) 205-5674 for more answers on what the egg donation process will be like.

Our Admission Process

  • 1. Complete our online Egg Donor survey
  • 2. Once you have completed, you will complete another application geared towards selection with intended parents.
  • 3. A phone interview will be set up to inform you about our process and to better get to know you.
  • 4. Send photos, sign documents, provide ID and education verification.

The Egg Donation Process

Once you have been accepted into our egg donation program, your profile will be added to our database for intended parents to review.

  • 1. You are chosen by intended parents.
  • 2. Complete both genetic and psychological screening within 2 weeks of selection.
  • 3. Complete medical screening within 3-4 weeks of selection.
  • 4. Review and complete any and all legal contracts within 4-6 weeks of selection.
  • 5. Complete medical procedures and egg retrieval within 3-4 months of selection.