About Us

Magic Journeys has the pleasure to provide exceptional services, making the journey of creating lives simple, satisfying, and joyful.

We first started Magic Journeys to help the underserved communities that want to be parents, but couldn’t carry children on their own, to fulfill their ultimate dream of parenthood. 

At the beginning of the journey, egg donation and surrogacy were still a taboo. We have faced a lot of challenges and oppositions, but the desire to help people in need, the fulfillment of seeing new families built, and the love and appreciation from our clients have kept us going with pride. 

 We are proud to have created a diverse, inclusive, and equitable surrogacy community that would serve people from all spectrum and fulfill their individual needs.

Ever since its establishment over a decade ago, Magic Journeys has been one of the fastest growing and the most successful agencies in the industry. The praise from our community and the customer loyalty from our intended parents and surrogates have been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. Their precious feedback has helped us be even better in everything we do.  

Now, we have grown into a full-service surrogacy and egg donation agency dedicated to bringing the joy of creating life to anyone in need with passion and expertise. We have been creating and cultivating families globally, making the world a better place.